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Why Virtual Reality?
Virtual reality (VR) in education transcends traditional learning boundaries, immersing students in a 3D environment where abstract concepts come to life and complex subjects are visualized.
VR can simulate real-world scenarios, providing students with invaluable hands-on experiences that might be impractical or impossible in a physical classroom. Incorporating VR in education can create more engaging, impactful, and personalized learning experiences.
Improves knowledge retention by up to 75%.
On average, 86% students improved from pre to post test.
Upto 3.75X more emotionally connected to content
Upto 4X more focused than E-Learners
Virtual STEM Lab
PhiBonacci Virtual Lab is a collection of fully immersive and collaborative learning experiences with topics ranging from Photosynthesis to Valency and from Pulleys to 3D Geometry, designed for teachers in K12 to increase engagement and interactivity in their classrooms.
WONDERS is a learning expedition to the most magnificent places on Earth! Explore the places as you are really there as you learn about their history, mystery, and culture. Starting off in ancient Giza, we explore the Pyramids of 1000 years ago
A revolutionary Virtual Reality platform where students and educators, from anywhere in the world, come together in completely immersive environments to learn by doing and experiment without the fear of being wrong
A uniPhiEd Learning Space
Immersive and Hyper-Interactive
Real-time powerful Analytics
Gamified Challenges
Real-time Communication
Teacher-Centric Platform
Dive Deep, Discover Differently.
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