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Personalized Adaptive Learning (PAL) transforms your Home learning journey with AI that adapts to you and with 3D Hyper-Interactive Simulations you Learn By Doing.

Up to 75%
More memory retention
Learning Journey
Learning possibilities
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Master every concept with our hyper-interactive 3D simulations and reference topic videos.
Learn, Practice, and then Test your knowledge with assessments personalized to you.
Powerful Analytics help you keep track of your learning journey.
What we offer
Home learning will be transformed into a fun and interactive personalized journey where you will learn, practice and test your knowledge of complex STEM concepts with one holistic solution.
Limitless Learning
Limitless Learning
Our 3D simulations provide infinite learning possibilities and gamified concepts that spark curiosity and enable experimentation.
Personalized Learning Journey
Personalized Learning Journey
Our AI-based learning engine personalizes assessments and revisions that match your learning profile.
End-to-End Learning
End-to-End Learning
Access 3D simulations, Recorded Lectures, Teacher Notes and Announcements for a continued learning experience.
Comprehensive study material
Comprehensive study material
Solidify your learning and test your STEM knowledge with rich assessments, in-simulation pop-up quizzes and question banks.
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asked questions
What is uniPhi myStudy? What is uniPhi myStudy?

uniPhi myStudy is an advanced learning module designed to provide curriculum-based hyper-interactive 3D simulations and videos for students in Grades 6 to 12. It offers a dynamic and engaging approach to learning.

How can students’ access uniPhi myStudy? How can students’ access uniPhi myStudy?

Students can access uniPhi myStudy on their personal devices such as tablets, phones, laptops, and computers. It offers the flexibility to learn both in the classroom and at home.

What subjects and grades does uniPhi myStudy cover? What subjects and grades does uniPhi myStudy cover?

uniPhi myStudy covers a wide range of subjects, including Science, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics. It caters to Grades 6 to 12, ensuring comprehensive subject coverage.

Can students interact with the content? Can students interact with the content?

Yes, students can enhance their learning experience by using annotations within the simulations. This interactive feature allows for a deeper understanding of the concepts.

Awards & Recognition
Winner of “The Disruptor awards, BETT Asia 2022”
Finalists of Auggie Awards at AWE-2023
Outstanding STEM Solution Provider (for K12)
Finalist in Best XR/VR/AI Category at Gess Education Awards- 2023
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