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Elevate Learning Outcomes & Heighten Student Engagement with Immersive,
Interactive Experiences for K-12 Education.

True Hyper interactive 3D
Step into the Future of Education
Embrace True Hyper-Interactive 3D Simulations for Engaging, Immersive, and Unparalleled Learning Experiences.

Step into the Future of Education

Embrace Hyper-Interactive 3D Simulations for Engaging,
Immersive, and Unparalleled Learning Experiences.

Trusted by 100+ Schools
The Phibonacci Edge
We blend neuroscience and technology to enhance cognitive development, offering a rich library of hyper-interactive 3D simulations and comprehensive STEM curriculum for grades 6-12.
Experiential and Immersive Learning
Empowering Educators
Multi Language Support
2500+ Hyper-Interactive Simulations
Enhanced Conceptual Clarity
NEP 2020 aligned
uniPhiEd Learning for Everyone
For Educators
uniPhi myClass
The Catalyst for Smarter Classrooms and engaged Learning, maximizing concept clarity and retention while saving classroom time.
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For Students
uniPhi myStudy
Transform Home Learning through interactive and personalized learning tools that elevate Individual Learning Outcomes.
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Testimonials from Leaders
Mithun Bhagat
Trustee at DivyaJyot School
"UniPhi myClass stands as an effective and sustainable solution that not only enhances our teaching but also aligns with our long-term vision for academic excellence, making it a valuable investment for our institution. "
Dr. Ruchi Tewari
Professor of Communication
"As a teacher, I’ve grappled with the challenges of engaging students effectively. PhiBonacci is a revolution which has addressed this pain point with tailored solutions that make teaching not only easier but also more engaging and productive."
Michael Bronder
Edtech Leader
"Phibonacci streamlines traditional instruction while incorporating hyper-interactive 3D, augmented, and virtual reality content that goes beyond “engaging” and literally “involves” students in learning experiences!"
Prof. Taral Pathak
Professor of Financial Math
"I unequivocally endorse PhiBonacci’s math visualization as a powerful tool that adeptly bridges the gap between abstract mathematics and vivid comprehension, elevating the learning experience for students."
Sharad Shukla
Scientist at ISRO
"Having firsthand experience with PhiBonacci’s hyper-interactive simulations, I’m astounded by their superiority over traditional video-based learning. Intuitive and device-flexible, these simulations could have transformed my own schooling experience!"
Head of Extended Reality Business at Lenovo
"PhiBonacci’s product is a remarkable blend of innovation and practicality, its ultra-high resolution and low footprint is the game-changer in the world of education."
Awards & Recognition
Winner of “The Disruptor awards, BETT Asia 2022”
Finalists of “Auggie Awards at AWE-2023”
Outstanding STEM Solution Provider (for K12)
Finalist in “Best XR/VR/AI Category at Gess Education Awards- 2023”
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